The art school’s fight with emoji art

The art world is in a frenzy.

It’s a war between art and the digital world.

The battle has raged for more than a year.

But art school students in the state of New Jersey are fighting back.

They’re calling out their fellow art students in an art-schoolwide protest against a popular emoji art style.

This is what art school student Katie Rader says the emoji art school is fighting against”We have to stop this,” Rader said, according to the New Jersey Star-Ledger.

“We have been losing art in this industry for years.

And now, I feel like we are fighting an uphill battle.

The emoji art schools are the only ones fighting this.

The kids in the art school have to go on strike.

This isn’t the first time the emoji artists have come under fire.

In June, the art department of a New Jersey school canceled an exhibition of original art inspired by the iconic art of David Lean, saying it was not appropriate to show.

The school’s art director has since apologized for his decision, saying the emoji artwork represented “the most powerful, nuanced representation of human experience.”

And while the school has faced criticism for its decision, Rader and other artists are not letting up.

They’ve begun to campaign against the trend, calling it a cultural appropriation of their work and calling on school officials to stop the trend.”

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This is for our kids.”

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