Why art gets bigger than pop art: Pop art gets larger than art

3D wall art and other art forms, including print art, have seen their sales increase over the past five years despite the recent recession, according to a new report.

Art garfunkels, which are typically smaller than works in the realm of 3D, have increased significantly over the same time period, according a report from Artforum.com.

The report says art galleries are getting more creative with their works and adding more detail and color to their artworks to appeal to collectors.

In addition, art collectors are increasingly willing to spend more on art, which has created an increasing demand for artworks.

The Artforum report says a recent surge in interest in art and art garfunkles was fueled by the economic downturn, and is now driving more sales of these items.

“Art garminks are becoming a bigger part of the art market,” said Artforum founder and CEO Michael DeLuca.

“There are more and more collectors looking for these pieces of art, and this trend is growing.”

While the art garminkles market may be increasing in popularity, DeLucas said that sales of the objects are not a direct reflection of increased interest in pop art.

“Pop art is still at the forefront of pop culture,” he said.

“The art that is on the market has always been on the top of the pop culture totem pole.”

Artforum says that there are more than 6,500 pop art pieces on the site, with most of those selling for $5,000 to $10,000.

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