What’s New in Art and Photography for 2018

Abstract wall art has always been a great way to show off your passion for art.

The modern artist will often paint something that represents a certain era or style of art, like an image of a flower, a bird, or a building, with text that represents the emotion that that that image brings to the viewer.

Today, the art form has come full circle with a new trend in the arts, as artists have turned their focus to nude art. 

The new trend has caught on with a number of artists, many of whom have been making art nude for years.

These artists have taken nude art to new heights, using a variety of materials including, but not limited to, canvas, paper, glass, wood, and even metal. 

Nude art has been around for decades and the concept has changed quite a bit over time, but this article will focus on some of the most iconic nude paintings of the past century. 


“I’m going to take this chance to tell you about my body, and you’re going to love it,” says Emily Dickinson in her poem “The Ballad of a Thin Man.” 


Artist Robert Capa painted his nude body as an extension of his own. 


In 1907, a painting by Claude Monet depicts the nude bodies of Marie Antoinette and Marie-Antoinette-de-Bellevue. 


A painting by artist Charles Bell, known as “Carnelian,” is one of the few nude paintings to be found in the Louvre. 


Art Nouveau artists often depicted the nude body in a negative way, as if it were something to be ashamed of. 6. 

Painter Jules Verne’s “The Vampyre” depicts a naked woman who’s trying to escape from the vampires who are eating her. 


French artist Henri Matisse’s nude body is seen in his painting “The Lover.” 


Duke Ellington’s painting “Blue Monday” is one painting where a nude woman is the only person to survive the event. 


Vivien Leigh’s “Naked Woman” is a painting that depicts a woman wearing a white dress and a white robe. 


Fashion designer Kate Moss was photographed nude at the 2015 Grammy Awards. 


Ridley Scott’s “Bitter Tears” depicts two nude women who are both trying to kill themselves. 


Comedian and actress Emma Roberts is known for portraying nude women. 


American photographer William Peter Blatty shot the nude portraits of Marilyn Monroe and Adrien Brody in “The Golden Years” and “The Naked City.” 


Italian photographer Giuliano Caruso created the nude images of Adriana Lima and Gwyneth Paltrow in his “Nude City.”


Karen Armstrong was famous for her nude body shots.

She has been in the spotlight for many years for her work in the field of fashion photography. 


Brazilian artist Eduardo Pizarro was famous when he photographed nude women from various cultures. 


Japanese artist and model Rina Kawasaki is famous for wearing a bikini in her art.

Her “Bikini Fashion” series of works includes her “Naturist Style,” “Nudist Fashion,” “Bastille Day,” and “Nautical Style.” 


Photographer and sculptor Yoko Ono’s nude work shows her bare body in her studio. 


Lydia Davis’s “Passion is Painless” was a work that became a cultural icon, a “sadomasochistic” painting that showed that love can make suffering easier. 


An artist named Yann Le Bon has been known to have made nude art for many decades. 


British artist John Brunner was famous as a painter who had an interest in the nude, including nude portraits. 


Marianne Moore, a painter, was known for her painting of a nude body, “A Woman’s Body,” which was one of many nude works that were exhibited in London in the late 1800s. 


Eduardo Kropotkin, one of Russia’s leading revolutionary philosophers, was a painter and an artist who had a fascination with the nude. 


Leonardo da Vinci’s painting of the nude Venus and his famous “Venus of the sea” sculpture, which was a public exhibition at the Louveau Palace, has become a famous landmark in art history. 


David Bowie’s “Blackstar” became a popular art work, and became a major hit in the 1970s.

It became so popular that it was painted over in 1997, and

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