How did we get to where we are today?

A liberal arts college in Wisconsin is suing to prevent its faculty members from teaching the art of trippy art to students, claiming the classes promote a “radical” political agenda.

ArtDesk, a program that helps artists with the arts make art, filed the lawsuit Tuesday in Dane County Superior Court against the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The lawsuit alleges that the art students take on the art classroom could undermine the teaching of art at the institution.

According to the lawsuit, the art classes are a part of the university’s “radical political agenda” and “have a negative impact on students and the institution.”

In addition, the program is a “subversive tool of ideological indoctrination,” according to the suit.

ArtWorks, the nonprofit that runs the program, has filed a counterclaim against the university.

The art studio is also suing the Madison School District, which runs the art school, for violating a state law that bars art from being taught in public schools.

The complaint says the artworks could undermine “free speech rights” and infringe on the student’s constitutional right to free speech.

The art students in ArtDesk’s program are encouraged to submit their artworks to the program and receive funding from the program.

In response, the Madison District said the artWorks art program was not funded by any government or political organization.

The district said the students would be compensated for their work, but would not be given any compensation for any work they created.

The Madison School district has denied ArtWorks’ claims and said the program was a partnership between the district and the school.

Artworks, a nonprofit that trains artists, has sued the Madison school district, alleging that the program violates a state-authorized law that prohibits art from teaching in public school classrooms.

The lawsuit says the program students could be indoctrinated by political viewpoints and be influenced by the teaching process.

The ArtDesk art students are encouraged, for example, to submit works of political expression to the art studio.

ArtStudents, the Wisconsin art program, filed a lawsuit Tuesday against the Madison district, saying the program violated a state government-authorized prohibition on political art in public education.

The Madison school is being sued for allegedly infringing on the rights of students.

Art Students, a progressive art studio, is being forced to stop using art as a classroom component of the ArtDesk program, the lawsuit claims.

The Wisconsin school district is a public school in the state’s southwest.

The district’s attorney said in a statement that ArtStudents’ claim is false and the ArtWorks program is not funded from the district.

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