How the banksy illusion art was created

The Bank of Canada is paying a tribute to the visual arts icon Banksy by giving the iconic image an updated look with a new palette.

The new colour scheme is being unveiled Tuesday as part of a celebration of Banksy’s 20th anniversary.

The Banksy art is a combination of Bankses most iconic designs, including his iconic “Wall of Text” and “Fantasyland.”

The Banksy mural that adorns the entrance to the Bank of Nova Scotia is part of an extensive project that has included Banksy-themed murals in Toronto, Toronto, Ottawa, London and Sydney.

“We are very honoured to have a Banksy artist join our team,” said the Bank’s Art Director, John L. Oates.

“He has created some of the most iconic visual artworks in the world, and his work is so much a part of our collective history.

He is an iconic artist who has a great sense of humour and will always remain a true friend.”

The Banksys iconic artwork is still one of the world’s most recognisable and iconic images.

It is believed to have been created by the late artist and painter Banksy and is still on view in many galleries across the globe.

The Banksies artworks are often used as canvases for large scale public events such as sporting events and weddings.

The Banksys art is also used in graffiti art and graffiti art-themed merchandise.

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