When Ohio is no longer the ‘America of the past’ — but it was before we knew it

Ohio is a state that’s often referred to as “America of America” but for a lot of people in the state of Ohio, the past is history.

Art and craft has been on the decline in the last decade.

Many communities are struggling with unemployment rates above 20 percent and even the Columbus-area city of Columbus has been forced to shut down due to the lack of art and craft.

Art is on the rise, but it’s been on a steep decline in Ohio, a state known for its diverse culture and arts.

Art isn’t the only thing that’s been falling apart.

In a recent survey of Ohioans, more than half said they were dissatisfied with their local art scene, and the state’s largest city is home to several large museums.

While some cities are experiencing positive change, Ohioans continue to struggle with an art economy that is often dependent on tourism and other economic drivers.

While Art and Craft has helped keep many arts alive and vibrant, many Ohioans are frustrated with the state-wide shortage of art, said Andrew Smith, the director of the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Art, Smith said, “is an economic engine for the state.

That’s what keeps it going.”

Smith, who also heads the Ohio Arts Council, said the state has “lost out” on $6.4 billion in economic activity because of the shortage of great art and cultural events, such as concerts and exhibitions, that attract tourists and businesses to the state and create jobs.

The Ohio Art Museum is the largest museum in the country, but because of a lack of money and an aging facility, the state isn’t even getting the same level of investment in its current facilities, Smith added.

It’s hard for the museum to keep up with the demand, Smith explained.

The Columbus Art Museum opened in 2012 and has been a success for the city, but now it’s closing down because of financial issues.

The museum has struggled to keep artists in the city and a lack and lack of funding has left the facility unable to operate, according to Smith.

The Cincinnati Art Museum also has had to shut its doors due to financial problems, but Smith said the city’s lack of arts funding has pushed the museum’s funding to the breaking point.

Smith said that the city is currently funding the construction of new art galleries in the downtown area, but there’s no money to do that.

The Ohio Art Council is now working with the city to find a solution to the problem, Smith noted.

The state’s economy has also been hit hard by the downturn in tourism, which has also resulted in a lack in local art and crafts.

Art, Smith believes, has been “on the decline” in Ohio for years.

Smith says the Ohio Art Museums and Ohio’s largest museum, the Columbus Art Center, are working together to address the problem and plan to bring more arts to Ohio by 2021.

The problem with Columbus, Ohio, is the lack and the lack that we’ve got right now, said Art Council of Ohio President Jennifer Smith.

Art Museums in Ohio have struggled to find money to keep them afloat.

Smith says the city has a need to build more art galleries, but no money has been available to do so.

Art museums in Ohio are struggling to find funding to keep the doors open, Smith told FOX 8.

The Art Council, a nonprofit arts organization, has identified Columbus as a key city for future economic development and arts development.

Smith has called for the Ohio Department of Transportation to build new art spaces for the Columbus area, something that could create thousands of new jobs and create tens of thousands of dollars in additional revenue for the local economy.

The Art Council has also started to work with the Columbus City Council to help create a “working plan” for art museums in the area.

It has also proposed a “culture and arts plan,” which is a roadmap for a city-wide arts and cultural plan, to develop a community-based arts and culture strategy that will help improve the city as a whole, Smith stated.

The Cleveland Art Museum has also begun to develop its own art-focused plan.

The city-based museum plans to build an arts district for the first time, and is partnering with other local museums to provide art lessons for children.

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