Why the diamond art club is dying

The diamond art museum, established in 1871 by French diamond magnate Louis XIV, was built to be a destination for the wealthy and powerful.

But over the years, it has lost a lot of its patrons.

The museum has been a magnet for drug dealers, celebrities and sex workers, who are among the most common visitors.

In 2010, it closed its doors to the public after spending $9 million to upgrade its security system, and it has since been forced to move some exhibits and a major part of its business to a temporary space in another city.

As it turns out, the diamond arts club is no longer the destination it once was.

A report from the Heritage Foundation says the museum has seen a drop in attendance since the diamond museum was founded.

The decline has been particularly pronounced in the past few years, when it has seen the decline of a large portion of its revenue.

“Since the closure of the museum in 2011, attendance has dropped from an average of 4,000 to 1,400 per week, according to a study published in the Journal of Diamond Industry.

The number of visitors to the museum declined by 75 percent,” the report said.

“In 2016, attendance fell by more than 50 percent.”

The report found that the decline in attendance has been most pronounced among the museum’s male and white members.

But some members of the white, male and middle classes, as well as some minorities, are still coming to the diamond club, and many say they have been treated unfairly by the museum, according the report.

Many people who attended the museum have not only been unable to access the museum but have also been excluded from its membership. 

“The museum’s management has refused to allow its members to renew their membership,” the study said.

When asked about the report, a museum spokesperson said, “The Heritage Foundation report is not an accurate reflection of the diamond industry.”

Diamond art museum in Melbourne, Australia, opened in 1885.

It was built by Louis XIV as an institution dedicated to the art of diamonds, and was considered one of the most exclusive museums in Europe.

In 2006, it was bought by the Royal Australian Mint and renamed the Royal Melbourne Diamond Art Museum.

It reopened in 2019 after being shut down by the government.

Read more about diamond art in the National Geographic Magazine.

Follow our special coverage of the Diamond Art Club:

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