Aesthetic art is a new way of drawing flowers

Trippy art is making waves at the moment, with designers such as the designer Moksha Nandani, who’s created artwork that is both whimsical and playful.

Ms Nandoni’s latest project, called The Flower, shows a rainbow flower that’s covered in intricate patterns and colourful lines, and also features a tiny flower-shaped flower pot that’s used as a decorative element.

“It’s a flower that you can put into a jar or a flower bowl,” she said.

“If you put it in the jar it will look like a beautiful, vibrant flower.”

But you put the bowl in the water, and it will grow into a gorgeous, beautiful flower.

“The Flower is currently available for purchase on Etsy.

Ms Namori also created a series of flower-themed artworks that were also designed for the exhibition.

The artworks include a portrait of a flower with its petals blown in the wind, a flower-covered table, a series with four coloured flowers and a flower bouquet.

She said she was inspired to create these works when she visited Australia in January and visited several flower shops.”

I was just walking around, seeing the flowers, and I just wanted to create my own kind of art,” she explained.”

So I thought, I need to start creating these little pieces of art, so I started creating these flower pieces and then when I started going back and doing a little bit of work, I had so much fun with it.

“Ms Norani said she hopes the artwork will encourage people to explore and create.”

The more I look at it, the more I think, well, maybe I’ll make a series, like a series and a series,” she added.”

There’s a lot of fun in doing little pieces and things that are pretty and beautiful.

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