The worst of the worst of Alex Grey’s art: What the Internet loves to hate

AUSTRALIA’S BEST ARTIST HAS been labelled one of the most annoying artists in the world by a group of Internet users.

Alex Grey, who was born in Australia, is known for his dark, often humorous artwork, which has been widely criticised for its disturbing content.

He is also known for the fact that he has a tendency to make jokes about himself, often while on the road.

But the online community has come to his defence after a post on Reddit went viral, which prompted a group called the “Femfreq Team” to respond to the image.

“It is offensive to call him the worst artist on the Internet, and we will call him out for his racist and misogynistic content,” the group said in a statement on the Reddit page for its Twitter account.

The “Feminist Response Team” also included other prominent figures such as comedian Kate Micucci, who has made several controversial jokes about Ms Grey.

“What does this have to do with Alex Grey?

Well it is just the worst part of him,” Ms Micucci said.

The group added that they had been “pissed off” by Mr Grey’s “jokey” artwork.

“There is a big difference between being offensive and being an idiot,” Ms McNeil said.

“Alex Grey is an absolute joke, and his artwork is offensive and insulting.”‘

He can’t be called a racist’When the group responded to the Reddit post, it was met with support from many of the people who had previously criticised the image on the internet.

“He has an incredibly big fanbase,” one user, The Femfreqs, said.

But many of those who replied on Reddit were not happy with the response, with many of them using the hashtag #GamerGate to complain about the comments.

“Why do you think people get so upset when I say something offensive about you?” one user asked.

“I think this is just an attempt by Alex Grey to get attention for himself and he can’t even be called an asshole anymore.”

Topics:arts-and-entertainment,internet-culture,social-media,femfrequeen-1,internet,reddit,australiaFirst posted April 15, 2017 08:50:50More stories from Australia”

The response by the Feminists is an attempt to silence Alex Grey and his followers.”

Topics:arts-and-entertainment,internet-culture,social-media,femfrequeen-1,internet,reddit,australiaFirst posted April 15, 2017 08:50:50More stories from Australia

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