The art world is looking at art van. Here are some things to know

David Choe, the director of the London Contemporary Art Gallery, says the studio has recently begun to think about the impact of art van on the arts scene.

Choe said he’s been asked whether the new installation is a response to the current crisis in the UK art scene, which is suffering from an art van shortage and has seen artists, directors and exhibitions become more expensive.

“We’re really interested in exploring that possibility,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

Choo said the installation was part of the Art Van Series, which aims to help artists and designers rethink their artistic approaches.

A large portion of the artists and art van owners in the US and Canada are artists and van owners, Choe said.

Van art has traditionally been an art experience in which people have to find their own way through a complex space and the artist has to decide what to paint.

The UK is not immune to the art van crisis, Choen said.

He said there are “many art vans” in the country and the art scene is “pretty badly shaken”.

“There are a lot of issues there and there’s been a lot about the van industry,” he said.

“It’s very hard to get artists to pay for their work in the art world.”

Van artists have also had to contend with the impact on their work, Choue said.

“I think it’s not a very good situation,” he added.

Many artists in the United States, Canada and Australia are artists, van owners and the works are sold to galleries and galleries sell them to museums.

Choe noted that the UK is currently seeing a surge in demand for art van artworks, as well as demand for smaller art works, including art pieces that are smaller than a square metre.

“People are really desperate for smaller, smaller art,” Choe told the Today programme, “and it’s very important to try and bring these small works into the larger art world”.

The Art Van Studio’s Art Van Gallery is one of the new art installations that was created with the support of the UK government.

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