Why did David Choe’s painting of the Holy Land go on display in the Australian Museum

The story of David ChoEs painting of Jerusalem begins with a chance encounter at a Sydney art gallery in 1853.

The painting, titled The Temple, is one of two paintings by the Belgian artist and his wife, the German-born and Dutch-born artist Johann ChoEstel, and was part of a series that was displayed at the Sydney Art Gallery.

In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, the couple said they were intrigued by the artwork and decided to try to find out more about the city where the work was painted.

“The Temple was one of those pieces of art that we were interested in.

We had a good feeling about the subject and we thought it was something that would be of interest to the world,” Ms ChoEste told the paper.”

We decided to take it to the museum to see what we could learn about Jerusalem, the city, the people and so forth.”

The couple had to wait a year before the painting could be shown in the museum.

“It was an exciting moment, and we were very grateful that the painting was finally seen,” Ms Choe said.

“So much of what we see in Jerusalem is that it is a very, very small part of the whole story.”

There are so many other important stories that we should be learning about, but to know that we have this piece of art, that is something we can see for ourselves, that we can be inspired by, that gives us a great sense of the richness of this city and the history of Jerusalem.”‘

The Temple’ went on to win the Sydney Arts Council’s ‘Art of the Year’ award in 1974 and was chosen as a major work in a retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1992.

The couple also said they would like to continue their work, with a new painting of a Jerusalem wall that they plan to complete this summer.

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