How to get the most out of your bachelor of arts degree

It’s time to get out of the house and get involved with your community, says art hooligan John Worsley.

It’s not just about getting a degree, he says.

“It’s about making the community a better place, creating a better community and giving the kids something to aspire to.”

You may be a bachelor of art but it’s not a job.

If you want to get a job, it’s probably going to be a job that you can’t get through university.

You’re going to need a job and that means you need to be passionate about what you do.

“The key thing about art is that it is an activity that is creative and passionate about something,” says John.

“And so you can really do it without a degree and really go out and get some of the things that you’re passionate about and you’re making your mark.”

John has been an art hoover for 40 years and has been involved in the local art scene for decades.

He started out doing graffiti, which was a pretty big thing in Melbourne at the time.

He eventually turned to painting and in the 1980s, he got a job at a large Melbourne art gallery.

“I was a member of the community that was looking for jobs, so it was a very exciting time for me to be involved in a community,” he says, “so that was always my aim.”

It was in this time that John began to realize that what he was passionate about was also what made him a successful art hopper.

In 1990, he opened a gallery in Melbourne called The Gallery at St Andrew’s College and it would remain a fixture in the community for decades to come.

John Worsleys paintings have been displayed in Melbourne since the 1980.

It is his belief that art is a tool to connect people.

It helps them to feel connected and that’s the most important thing that we as art hoppers can do in our life,” he said.

He said that the more arts we take on, the better we can create a better society.

What’s your art hoot?

Are you going to start a gallery?

Join us in the discussion on Twitter.

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