How Art Gallery Art Gallery has evolved to support artists in the face of climate change

By By Mark McGehee and Emily E. CottrellAssociated PressIn this Nov. 16, 2021, file photo, a sign is seen outside the Art Gallery of Texas at the University of Texas-Austin in Austin, Texas.

The Art Gallery’s new climate change program aims to inspire people to make a difference in the world by offering climate-friendly artworks and other projects, and by helping them to think about the environmental and economic impacts of artworks, said Amanda Lauer, the Art’s director.

The Art Gallery, based in Houston, is the largest art gallery in the country.

It has more than 3,300 artworks on view, and it has hosted more than 5,000 climate-focused events, including a series of climate-themed art shows that attracted more than 2,500 people to the museum.

“We have a very big commitment to climate change and this program is an important part of that,” Lauer said.

“I think it is a real testament to the importance of art to our community.”

The new program, called the Artworks for Change Program, will launch later this year, and the museum plans to host one-day workshops on climate change, art and the arts, and a public talk on climate action.

The program will be offered at all the galleries in the U.S., Lauer told the Associated Press.

The new initiative follows a successful Artworks of Change Program that was launched in January.

This summer, the Houston Art Gallery hosted a program that featured climate-related artworks.

In the first month of the program, the gallery hosted a talk by art director Daniela Castellano, whose paintings depict a storm that swept through a region of the Caribbean and hit Houston in 2016.

During that event, Castellana showed her paintings to about 100 people, who then shared their views on the event.

While the talk was a success, she said, she also realized that climate change was a serious issue, and wanted to have the opportunity to engage people in a conversation about the issue.

After the talk, Castello asked her staff to do more with the art program, and started the ArtWorks for Change program.

“I really want the public to hear this story, and not just see the paintings,” Castellello said.

Since the first session, the program has been a hit with the gallery.

Last month, more than 250 people showed up to the gallery to participate in one-on-one workshops on art, science and climate change.

Lauer said the program is helping to bring climate awareness to the people who might otherwise not know about it.

She said the ArtInsta program is part of the Museum’s broader commitment to supporting people who may be unfamiliar with art, to engage them in a dialogue and to encourage them to engage with their art.

“Art can be a vehicle for people to connect and be inspired,” Luell said.

ArtWorks for Climate Change is a new initiative in which the Museum is supporting local organizations and artists to create artworks that can be used in the public space and in programs that address climate change in the community.

Each of the galleries will use one of the participating projects for one-to-one teaching and workshops, and all the artists will receive $100 in funding from the Museum.

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