Why art can be a powerful tool for fighting climate change

The United Nations is trying to create a climate change policy that can benefit artists, according to a report from the United States-based non-profit art collective Art In Action.

The report, “Globalizing Art,” recommends that nations start to fund and engage in sustainable art and environmental design.

The United States has the largest amount of art and art-related works on public land, according the report.

While the United Nations currently spends around $5 billion annually on art programs, the report says that this could be much higher, because art works can help fund and empower artists across the globe.

“Art can help shape social change through its ability to amplify voices and inspire, even when those voices are not necessarily aligned with the government’s priorities,” Art In Motion Executive Director and co-founder David Wojcik said in a statement.

The group is urging nations to “start a national conversation” about the art world’s role in combating climate change and climate justice.

“The art world is already working with communities around the world to protect and promote sustainable art, so why not start a national discussion about how the art sector can serve as an integral part of a global conversation to address climate change?”

Wojciszk said.

In the report, Art In Actions says it is important to understand how art and cultural institutions are working to promote the “sustainable art” agenda.

In this regard, the group suggests that the arts should become a bridge to global communities, providing them with a “common language” for understanding the global impact of climate change, global poverty, and climate change adaptation.

The organization suggests that artists and cultural entities “should work collaboratively and directly with government officials, local authorities, and NGOs, to develop, implement, and implement policy and strategies to increase the resilience of their local communities to climate change.”

For example, it suggests that a national art fair should be held each year in cities that experience high concentrations of climate-related pollution.

The event could be used as a “vehicle for creating a common platform for art and climate education,” Wojcyk said, which could be “an opportunity for art to speak directly to those who need to know about the impacts of climate, as well as to the general public.”

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