What you need to know about the new art in the ‘Art Bell’ art contest

The Art Bell art contest is back, and it’s taking submissions to the top of Reddit.

The site has posted several pages dedicated to the contest, including this one.

The Art Bell is an online art contest that awards the top 10 best submissions to artists for their best art pieces of the year.

The top three winners get to submit to the Oscars.

But while the Art Bell has been around for years, the competition is a different animal this year.

Redditors are taking submissions on their own terms.

Instead of just receiving an email from a judge, they can submit their work to the ArtBell contest directly on the site, making the art contest far more open to submissions than it’s ever been before.

For many artists, that means submitting work in the form of drawings, drawings with text, or even a comic book.

But the ArtBalls also allow artists to showcase their work on their personal blogs and sites, which can be great for fans.

Here’s what you need and can submit to.

“I am going to submit a photo of my work for the top ten best pieces in the Artbell competition,” user ronalddavid writes on his blog.

“It’s a photo taken by myself, the same one I used on my previous submission.

It is a very personal photo that shows my creativity, but the idea is to show the world what I do in the drawing world.”

Roughly a dozen of the submissions are for art that uses a variety of techniques, including sketching, painting, and drawing.

Other submissions include a full-page photo, an illustration, a watercolor, a mural, a print, and an illustration with text.

Many of the entries are more personal than usual, but they’re not limited to just that.

There’s also a collection of drawings that use “jokes” or “funny memes,” like this one, which is titled “Why are the girls in school in the front of the class?

Why are they not getting in the middle of the students?

How are they so tall?”

While the ArtBulls aren’t the first online art competitions to offer a creative outlet, they’re one of the first ones that allows people to submit work in a non-traditional format.

This year’s contest, which runs through February 21, is the first time that the contest has expanded to include a large number of submissions.

There were 1,500 submissions this year, with 1,400 being on the top tier, which will be awarded $2,500.

The winners will be announced on January 31.

For now, the top five winners will get to choose their favorite submissions and upload them to the site.

However, that will change if the ArtBot gets into a competition for the Art Bull of the Year award.

That award will be presented to the winners at the end of January.

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