The best glass art lenses and other accessories

The glass art lens, once considered the most important piece of optical equipment, is in danger of losing its status as the most affordable, according to a survey released Wednesday.

The survey by the Canadian Glass Association (CGA) and the University of Guelph in Canada surveyed more than 2,000 consumers across the country, asking them to pick their favourite glass lens.

In total, nearly 80 per cent of respondents said they would buy a glass lens over the next five years, with the average price now $5,200.

The study was released after the Globe and Mail’s exclusive report revealed that some Canadian glass manufacturers are selling the lenses for as little as $1,000.

It’s the same price as a $1.5 million glass laser.

But many consumers are still not aware that there are alternatives, said Michael MacKenzie, the CGA’s director of research and analysis.

“I think it’s because there’s no word out there, so people are just taking it for granted,” he said.

The CGA surveyed consumers on what they consider the most popular glass lenses and what they would consider to be the “best” choices for their personal needs.

Of the 3,788 respondents, nearly two-thirds said they’d buy a lens at least once.

Some respondents were even more likely to purchase a second lens, but that is no longer the case, MacKenzies said.

It’s a situation that is particularly prevalent among the elderly, who tend to have a narrower field of vision, MacKailey said.

Some people also say that a glass “lens” is not really a lens, since they can’t use it in a dark room.

MacKellenys suggested that there should be a “lightning bolt” to attach the lens to a wall or wall outlet.

Some of the best lenses have been developed for the arts, like the iconic Art of Living, which is designed to reflect sunlight to create a natural look.

Others are for people who just want to have some fun and can’t afford a glass art telescope.

“There are a lot of people who would not be able to afford it if they did not have a good telescope,” MacKennys said.

For many, the choice of a glass arts lens is an easy one.

“It’s so simple to get an eyeglass, I just have to take off the cap and I have a nice clear view,” said Jane Kapp, who works as a receptionist at a grocery store in Vancouver.

“And it’s just really good, because it looks so nice,” she added.

“That’s really how I spend my time.”

The Globe and Post contacted the manufacturers of the most expensive glass lenses to find out how many were still selling them and what their prices are.

The answers are listed in the report, which you can read in full here:A look at the top five best glass arts lenses:1.

The Art of Life2.

Art of Light3.

Art Lens 4.

ArtLens 5.

Art Glass Lens

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